Investment Criteria

Long-term ownership and growth

Our objective:

DMS’s objective is to acquire controlling interests in active businesses providing adequate returns with the potential for long-term ownership and growth.

Dobbs typically seeks companies with the following general parameters:

  • $10MM to $20MM of current or potential EBITDA
  • $20MM to $75MM targeted initial equity investment (significantly more in select situations)
  • $75MM to $125MM total investment with the ability to expand to achieve maximum shareholder value

We have a willingness to invest considerably more with the right opportunities and have pursued those in the past.  In particular, longer-term opportunities with the ability to grow through organic or acquisition-driven growth are appealing to us and consistent with our history.

While Dobbs is flexible, there are a few areas of primary experience and focus:

  • Industrial businesses in distribution or light manufacturing
  • Business-to-business (e.g., industrial services, maintenance related, general business services)
  • Select healthcare services
  • Miscellaneous cash flow oriented businesses (e.g., convenience stores, dealerships, etc.)

We have traditionally avoided the following areas: early stage technology, medical and biotechnology, retail related businesses, trend-driven fashion products and real estate.